Tenant scrutiny

The Tenant Scrutiny Panel (TSP) helps us measure how well our services meet the standards and outcomes detailed in the Scottish Social Housing Charter (the Charter).

The Charter sets the outcomes which we are measured against by the Scottish Housing Regulator. Outcomes are the results we should achieve for tenants and other customers. We submit our performance in the Annual Report on the Charter (the ARC) and produce a report for tenants every year.

The TSP helps us focus on what tenants need and how to get the best service and value possible.

The panel won the national ‘Best Practice Award for Tenant Scrutiny of the Charter’ as well as the ‘Excellence in Scrutiny’ Award at the Chartered Institute of Housing Scotland Excellence Awards 2016.

Role and responsibility of the panel

The panel’s role and responsibility is to:

  • form an effective working partnership with Link Housing Association and Link Group Board, the senior management group and staff.
  • act independently and take an objective view of performance against service standards and Charter outcomes.
  • increase tenant involvement and influence in decision-making.
  • make recommendations for service improvement.
  • report when performance falls below acceptable standards and also when service achievements exceed standards or expectations.
  • record and evidence the impact of its work by demonstrating changes.

The TSP has completed two scrutiny reports and made recommendations to the Board which resulted in changes to services and improved customers' experiences. The reports were on gas servicing and communication.

Panel members

The TSP is made up of nine tenant volunteers who meet regularly. We provide training, support, and travel expenses to help support their involvement.

  • Lindsay Anderson (Chair)
  • Stephen Whybrow (Vice Chair)
  • Shona Gorman
  • Christine Kyle
  • Elsie Boyce
  • Dorothy McDougall 
  • Christopher Crockett
  • David Greenhill

Contact the panel

If you would like to contact the Panel, or would like information about how to join, please call the Tenant Engagement Team on 01324 417192 or email getinvolved@linkhaltd.co.uk or Shona Gorman, Vice Chair.