Community investment

We have a long history of successfully delivering projects which go beyond providing accommodation.

Community investment refers to the range of resources we provide to work with and support communities to address community identified needs and issues.

These resources include money, skills and staff expertise which, combined with our role of acting as a catalyst to form partnerships, brings additional resources to the process of tackling inequality.

Our priorities

We work with communities on a broad range of projects under social, economic technological and environmental themes. These can be small localised issues such as looking for support for a junior football team, or larger community driven projects such as acquiring a local building for community use and ownership.

We respond to needs and issues identified through customer consultation, service evaluation and neighbourhood profiling by developing and supporting a range of services and initiatives across the Link group of companies.

The priorities that we set out below provide an indication of the breadth and depth of what we do, who we support and the impact we aim to make;

  • Theme 1: Employability and workplace skills development
  • Theme 2: Digital participation 
  • Theme 3: Maximising investment
  • Theme 4: Social enterprise support and development
  • Theme 5: Capacity building and increasing social capital

Community Investment Statement

Our Community Investment Statement provides context for our community investment decisions and activities and explains how we add value to the regeneration process by supporting communities to deliver the changes they want to see. 

Case studies

Kirkshaws Neighbourhood Centre
Dunbeg Development Group