Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100
Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100

Owner rights and responsibilities

As a property owner, your particular rights and responsibilities are defined in your Deed of Conditions.

These conditions detail the obligations and restrictions on property use for each owner within a block or estate.

We ask that owners:

  • report any repair or issues with a common area as soon as possible
  • provide access to allow contractors to carry out repairs to the building or a common area
  • pay the common charges account within 14 days of issue date
  • let us know of changes to a correspondence address

Common Buildings Insurance

As part of the Deed of Conditions, flat owners are required to contribute to the cost of the Common Buildings Insurance Policy.

By having a block policy, we can ensure that all parts are covered in case of a major incident such as fire or flood. The additional benefit is that there only needs to be one claim, with one excess payment and involving one loss adjuster/contractor. It also normally works out cheaper for everyone.

Home Contents Insurance

It’s your responsibility to organise your own Home Contents Insurance. This insurance covers furniture, floor coverings, internal decoration and personal belongings.