LIFT Case Studies

Below is a selection of real-life case studies featuring buyers who have purchased a home with the help of the LIFT (Low Cost Initiative for First Time Buyers) OMSE (Open Market Shared Equity) scheme.

Nicodim – 1st Time Buyer, Perth & Kinross
Stephanie – 1st Time Buyer, Aberdeen
Gary – 1st Time Buyer, Glasgow
Bethany - 1st Time Buyer, East Lothian
LIFT Buyer, Social Renter priority group
LIFT Buyer, Disability priority group
LIFT Buyer, Over 60s priority group
LIFT Buyer, Armed Forces priority group

 LIFT Buyer Testimonials 

The scheme has given me and my young family the ability to step onto the property ladder without any financial pressure. This is a life changing process and will always be treasured and appreciated. Thank you to the LIFT scheme for changing my life and that of my family.

Hassan, LIFT scheme buyer

I would recommend LIFT to anyone trying to buy their first property. It makes buying far more affordable for young people on lower salaries and saves you paying expensive rent to pay off someone else's mortgage.

Cameron, LIFT scheme buyer

I never thought it would be possible to own a property being a single mum with four children... For the last two years I have been renting and it has been very difficult as the rent was very expensive. I will be so much better off financially and definitely less stressed. I am so very appreciative and grateful.

Faye, LIFT scheme buyer

LIFT gave me one of the most positive experiences of my life. Without it, I could not have bought a home, and would not have seen a future time when that was possible due to rent obligations. I feel immensely grateful.

D.F., LIFT scheme buyer