Social rented

Most of our rented properties are for social rent and are affordable to those on low incomes.

We provide homes for those in the greatest housing need. This covers a range of circumstances – from people who are homeless or threatened with homeless, to people whose current home doesn’t meet their needs any more, for instance it isn’t big enough or it’s to large or they have mobility problems.  

What you earn is not taken into account. 

Everyone over the age of 16 has the right to register for social housing and to have their needs assessed. Our Lettings Policy defines who is in highest need and who we let vacant properties to.

We have a limited number of properties, and our turnover is low, so we may not be able provide you with a home that suits your needs at a time when you need it.

We have around 550 properties available to let each year. However, in addition, we have a large new build programme with new homes becoming ready for let each year.

We advertise our available properties on choice-based lettings schemes and common housing registers, where users can bid on them. We then assess each applicant according to our priority criteria. The person with the greatest housing need will be offered the property.

If you are homeless or at risk of homelessness, you may be entitled to immediate help and should contact your local council who will be able to advise.

How to apply for social rent

Most of our homes are advertised on Find a Home, our choice based letting site.

Before you register you will be able to see where our homes are and decide if we have the type of property you need in the area you want. You will also see what homes are currently available and decide if you want to register an interest in them.

Not all areas where Link has stock are covered by Find a Home, these are:

Across Scotland
The Highlands

Nominations from local authorities: Not all vacancies are advertised. We may ask local councils to nominate applicants for up to 50% of our vacancies, for some new build areas it’s 100%. 

We would encourage you to apply to your local council for housing and let them know that you would like to be nominated. You will find details on how to do this on you local council's website.