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Services to factored homeowners.

Weslo Housing Management transferred to Link on 1 June 2021. We welcome Weslo’s customers to Link. Separate contact arrangements are being used whilst we integrate our systems. Former Weslo factored owners should use the contact details for the Bathgate office.

Our factoring services to owners whose properties share common parts include:

  • Grounds maintenance
  • Cleaning communal closes and windows
  • Repairs including out with hours emergency service
  • Common insurance policies
  • Lift maintenance contract management
  • Repairs including out with hour emergency services
  • Regular property inspections and owner liaison, as detailed in your Written Statement of Services. 

Link is a member of the Property Managers Association Scotland which promotes high standards of services and property management.

Link provides a professional factoring service to over 7,000 owners across 12 Local Authority areas.

As a social enterprise, we do not aim to make a profit from factoring mixed tenure estates, and any surplus from commercial activities is reinvested into affordable housing and related services. We welcome enquiries from homeowners and developers interested in our factoring services.

Your Written Statement of Services

Repairs and maintenance

Link factored owners should report repairs as follows:

  • Call 03451 400 100 option 1 for reactive and emergency repairs.
  • Complete our online form.

Repairs service update – 22 March 2022

We would like to thank customers for their patience with regards to delayed repairs due to covid restrictions and supply shortages, and apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

We are back to delivering a full repairs service, however, appointments for routine repairs may be outwith the 10 day target timescales, there are also a number of repairs appointments being cancelled and re-scheduled at short notice. 

This is due to Link Property operatives and sub-contractors being advised to self-isolate. There is also a general shortage of materials like timber, plasterboard and general building supplies.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

To prioritise all the repairs we have to carry out, response times are split into three categories - emergency, urgent and routine repairs.

The type of repair will determine how long we will take to respond and complete the repair (where possible).

Communal repairs requiring investigation, scaffolding, specialist quotes and/ or consultation will not be completed within the listed timescales. Please let us know when reporting a communal repair of any emergency or urgent circumstances, as otherwise it can take several weeks to obtain quotes and / or consult on communal repairs.

Repair response times

Independent advice about factoring issues and communal repairs is available from:

Paying for factoring services

We issue invoices for management fees and services as detailed in your Written Statement of Services. 

Information about Floats and Sinking Funds (where applicable) is included in your Written Statement of Services.

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Factoring documents

To view our estate, ground maintenance and title plans, click here.

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