Factoring services

We provide a factoring service to owners whose properties share common facilities and amenities.

Our services

We are a member of the Property Managers Association Scotland (PMAS), which exists to promote high standards of service and factoring.

We oversee maintenance, repairs and improvements to the common areas of properties. We work with you to ensure these are maintained to a high standard by providing a flexible high-quality and cost efficient service.

The Deed of Conditions for your property should outline the common areas shared between residents, such as closes, stairwells and gardens.

Our services may include the following:

  • Ground maintenance to common areas such as grass cutting, pruning bushes, and tree and hedge maintenance
  • Repairs to common parts of the building or estate, such as roofs, door entry systems, common stairwells, parking areas and footpaths
  • Cleaning common stairwells, windows and flooring as well as binstores
  • Repairing communal satellite systems
  • Dividing costs between owners
  • Lift servicing and repairs
  • Planned cyclical maintenance works

End your factoring arrangement

If you want to consider changing your factor, or terminating our services, the process will depend on the basis of our appointment. 

The details of how our appointment to your development can be terminated are set out in the Title Deeds. If the deeds do not make reference to the termination of the factor, or the appointment of a new factor, a majority of homeowners with an ownership interest can vote to remove Link as factor and appoint a new one.

More information

If you would like more information, please read our Written Statement of Services or call 01324 417 177.