Paying for our services

You are responsible for ensuring any invoices we issue are paid on time.

We issue invoices either quarterly or annually for management fees and running costs for services such as close cleaning, window cleaning, grass cutting or any common repairs. We ask that invoices are paid within 14 days of their issue date. 

Costs may fluctuate between each billing period depending on the type of work undertaken, repairs instructed and the services provided.

We arrange payment for all costs associated with common areas, such as repairs and maintenance, insurance, common lighting and lift services (detailed within the Deed of Conditions), subject to the availability of owners' funds.

The 'factor's float' ensures we have sufficient funds available to pay for regular common costs. You may also be asked to contribute regular payments to a sinking or building maintenance fund. This fund contributes to future maintenance and repair costs and helps avoid the need for a large one-off payment.

Ways to pay

Over the telephone
Direct Debit
Cheque or postal order