Shared equity owners

On this page you will find out all you need to know about the services we provide for our shared equity owners.

Rules and restrictions

If you own a shared equity home, this must be your primary residence and there are factors you need to adhere to as per your shared equity agreement.

When entering this agreement, purchasers are expected to contribute the maximum amount that is affordable to them at the time of purchase.

Shared equity schemes are designed to help people purchase a home and there are some restrictions to what you can and cannot do.

Home improvements
Letting your property

Making changes to your home

If you wish to either add or remove someone from your shared equity agreement you should:

  • Speak to an independent financial adviser/lender to seek approval
  • Once you have had approval, please notify us so we can process the increase

You will be responsible for all costs associated with changing your agreement.

Increasing your shares
Additional secured lending

Selling your home

If you decide to sell your shared equity home, you need to notify us.

These are the steps you need to follow:

Selling your shared equity home