Sell your shares

If your circumstances change, you may be able to ask us to buy back your share of your property.

Before you do this, we recommend you seek independent financial advice about your circumstances.  

If you wish to request for us to buy back your share of the property, you must meet with the qualifying criteria for at least one of the following:

  • The sharing owner is at risk of losing their home due to an irrecoverable mortgage default or unsustainable debt with no realistic prospect of increasing their income, in order to remain in the property as a tenant
  • Following the death of a joint sharing owner, the surviving partner, spouse or parent is unable to maintain mortgage payments
  • A sharing owner who wishes to remain in the property after being subject to domestic violence and the violent partner has left the property
  • Sharing owners with an increasing disability or serious health problems. The share may be repurchased to facilitate a move to a more suitable property or to enable the sharing owner to become a tenant and access any necessary adaptations
I'm eligible, what do I do now?
My application was successful, what now?