Fire Safety concerns following London fire

Following the tragic events earlier this week in the London tower block fire, we want to reassure residents that Link takes fire safety very seriously. 

We take appropriate steps to test and inspect health and safety equipment in line with regulatory requirements and as part of our approach to maintaining schemes.

As well as our routine visits to our estates, we undertake regular stock condition surveys and estate management inspections ensuring buildings remain safe and maintained to the highest standards.

Residents can help support fire safety in their building by working with us to ensure communal areas are free of fire hazards. If we contact you about a specific fire safety issue in your building, please do take the matter seriously as it is in everyone’s interest to reduce fire risk as far as possible.

We are mindful of the early stage of the investigation into to the fire in London, and we will look out for advice and updates as they are issued.

In the meantime, if you have any specific concerns, please do get in touch with us via our customer service centre.