Former chief executive, Craig Sanderson reflects on the passing on long serving Link Board Member, Alan Ferguson

I first met Alan when we both became members of The Scottish Council for Single Homeless in the mid-‘80s.

He became very interested in Link Housing Association’s expanding provision of homes and services for single people, especially those with support needs.

At that time Link was developing in Falkirk, Clackmannan and Stirling so formed its Central Region Sub-committee to focus on that area and Alan served on it.

In return, I would go up to Stirling Uni. and deliver housing workshops for his post-grad students.

He then joined the Board of Link and was actively involved in the creation of the group structure in 2001 to reflect its size and the range and depth of its various activities.

He was very supportive of the new structure because it created the possibility of increased tenant board membership.

He continued to serve on the Link Group Board for several years while also chairing Link Housing Association, the subsidiary in the group responsible for housing and maintenance services.

Link’s approach to tenant involvement improved significantly on his watch, particularly with the establishment of a tenant majority on the Board.

He was a visible Board member, talking whenever he could to staff.

Because of his knowledge and experience he was able to challenge the senior officers more rigorously than most.

The mutual respect was palpable.

A sad moment for Scottish social housing