Get involved calendar of events spring/summer

We are committed to involving you to help us develop and improve our services. We provide a range of ways for tenants to get involved in the consultations including regional focus groups across Scotland, local tenants groups and online surveys. 

What are the benefits of tenant participation?

Tenant participation is a way to share information, ideas and improve the standards of services. Tenants now have the right to participate this way to influence the housing services they receive.

Have a look at the calendar of events below and see how you can make a difference. 

Calendar of events


  • Recharges Policy – this policy sets out the types of repairs that are tenants responsibilities and how Link can help tenants manage payments.
  • Scottish Social Housing Charter Review 


  • Rent setting and assessing Value for Money consultation – this policy determines how Link set rent points and will include discussion on options such as locality points, size of the property, energy efficiency and linking rents with benefit changes such as the Local Housing Allowance set by Local Authorities. 
  • Tenant Information Service conference will be held at Westerwood Hotel Cumbernauld 10-12 June
  • Scottish Social Housing Charter Review 


  • Link Listening tour – A week of events and visits to our rural areas to meet tenants  – Crieff, Luss, Fife and the Scottish Borders.
  • Scottish Social Housing Charter Review 


  • Allocations and Anti Social Behaviour Policy reviews


  • Allocations and Anti Social Behaviour Policy review


  • International Union Tenants conference

Get involved!

Tenants on the consultation register will be invited by letter, email and Facebook. Please contact us on or 03451 400 100 if you would like to book a place.