Investing in our communities - Rent choices for April 2022

The decisions we make about your rent, and how we spend the money we collect, are extremely important; particularly during these uncertain times.

Each year we consult our tenants on the level of rent increase which we are considering as it is vital we get feedback on this from you. This feedback, as well as influencing the decision on the rent increase, will also impact on our budget and the money we have available to spend, on your behalf, on our housing stock and housing services.

There are several issues we need to consider in setting rent levels. We need to ensure sufficient funds are available to help us deliver our obligations to you under your tenancy agreement. We need to ensure our services perform well, meet your needs and are improving. We also need to invest in and maintain the quality of our houses, your homes, and meet Scottish Government standards. Importantly we need to consider how we can balance all of that with making rent as affordable as possible to you, our tenants.

Not everything is under our control or influence as we respond to increasing costs, changes to housing standards and expectations, and rising inflation, whilst working out how we all operate as we move forward from the pandemic.

Please help us try to get these decisions right by giving us your feedback and comments on the consultation.

We have sent the consultation document to all tenants by post but you can also access this document by clicking the image below:

Rent consultation image


What happens next?

We have appointed an independent research company, Research Resource, to carry out the consultation in November.

To take part you can:

For more information, or if you require any support to take part, contact our Customer Service Centre on 03451 400 100 or

We will collect your views and the Link Group Board will use these to inform our rent setting for next year. We will continue to monitor inflation and if it is lower than currently forecast when we make our final decision, we will review the increase. We commit to keeping the increase as low as possible for you.