Link has been recognised as one of the UKs Best Workplaces

Link was named by Great Place to Work® as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces in the Large category (organisations with 500+ employees) in its annual Best Workplaces list announced at a gala dinner on 13th May.

Ranked 28th, this is the second time Link has received this honour which recognises Link as having a high trust, high engagement workplace culture which attracts and retains talent and helps drive our business success. 

The methodology behind this list and our success is one of the most rigorous available and uniquely comprises both an employee survey and an audit into our organisation’s management and HR practices. To be successful, participating organisations must achieve a high minimum score in their employee survey, a survey which measure the levels of trust and engagement in our organisation. The award also recognises the strength of our leadership and the range of innovative, creative and effective HR policies we have which creates our workplace culture. helps drive our business success.

Helen Bayne, Director of HR and Business Support, said: “One of the guiding principles of Link’s Mission Statement is ‘Valuing People’ and we are committed to challenging ourselves to improve in this area to the benefit of all of our employees.  As an organisation, we aim to ensure that members of our team feel part of the organisation, are valued and are recognised for the contribution they make.  We are delighted to have made the Best Workplace list as this award is based on a trust-based workplace culture.  Achieving this recognition gives us confidence that we are on the right track.  We will continue to ensure our commitment to ‘Valuing People’ remains in Link’s DNA.”

Link’s approach to providing a healthy, encouraging environment has been recognised through our accreditation with Investors in People and Healthy Working Lives – both of which have awarded us Gold recognition standard, and through Investors in Young People and Investors in Diversity.  Our benefits package is aimed at being competitive and fair in approach.  We recognise individual’s aspirations and actively support career development through training, qualifications, secondments, career breaks and in doing this, people are able to achieve a good balance in their work and personal lives.

"The work of these organisations is impressive," said Tom O’Byrne. CEO of Great Place to Work®. "They provide an example that others can look to, to see what kind of outstanding workplace is possible and how to get from Good to Great, regardless of size, industry or other circumstances. For example, the growth that many of these organisations are experiencing is tremendous, and they are paying close attention to their culture every step of the way. This focus on a strong cultural foundation provides a strong competitive advantage and help pave the way for continued success as they serve their employees and their customers."

Organisations named on the Best Workplace list see many benefits that include better financial performance, lower employee turnover, higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, more innovative and creative thinking, higher productivity and enhanced public perception.

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