Link helps low-income customers stay connected with free mobile data

Link is providing free mobile data, texts, and voice calls to customers, ensuring low-income households can stay connected. 

As a member of the Good Things Foundation’s National Databank, Link can issue vouchers and SIM cards from the service provider partners Virgin Media O2, Vodafone, and Three. 

Link Group Director of Digital Services, Ken Fox, said: “As the cost-of-living crisis continues and people on the lowest incomes find it more difficult to make ends meet, initiatives such as this can help to keep those essential connections in place. 

“We know that staying in touch with family and friends, particularly during difficult circumstances, is important for people’s continued wellbeing.   

“There is also an expectation from agencies and organisations for people to access information or complete online forms, which is often done through mobile data on customers’ phones. 

“Supporting households who are most vulnerable to spiralling costs with free mobile data, texts, and calls ensures they can stay connected in these most difficult times.” 

The programme ties in with Link’s wider digital strategy, which has a focus on ensuring customers have access to digital services and are not disadvantaged by their financial situation or other constraints.