LinkLiving working with Kirkcaldy church to expand community cafe

RealLiving and Whyte's Causeway Baptist Church are working in partnership to expand the service offered by CAPCAF.

The cafe space (CAPCAF) at Whyte's Causeway Baptist Church was established to extend the church’s reach into the community. The cafe helps people in challenging situations financially by providing a safe and friendly place where people can receive a relatively cheap and nutritious meal as well as the company of others.

The church soon found that demand for the cafe was exceeding its means so Rev Ron Rye, Pastor of WCBC and Michael Fong Employability Project Worker developed a plan to help deliver the service to more people.
Now, young people who are supported by LinkLiving, look after the kitchen area within the cafe – this not only provides them with valuable and stable voluntary work experience but it means that the cafe can feed more people in need. The young people are now in control of the kitchen and are working towards extending their influence - having created their own menu options.

Rev. Rye commented: "This is a fantastic opportunity for our Church to benefit and encourage even more people through this service. My hope is that the stable working environment will not only help these young adults to flourish, but that I will be able to then act as a referee for them if they seek employment options outside of this sphere. For the Church, this is wonderful example of what we have to offer - a support network based very clearly around our own belief system, that wants to do good for this town. This is a big first step in our being able to open our doors further to Kirkcaldy, to show we are a part of this place - not just a group that exists in it."

Michael Fong said, "The relationship the young people have with Ron and his volunteers has been extraordinary. The young people really have taking on the responsibilities in the kitchen where they have been gaining a work like experience in kitchen environment. Although there are many successes which has come out of the cafe. The bond I see with the young people of LinkLiving with the volunteers at the church throughout the year has really made the cafe special and this resonates each time our volunteers are there."