Lintel Trust relaunches its Social Enterprise Programme

Lintel Trust relaunched its Social Enterprise Programme at the Bob Allan Conference Centre in Glasgow today. 

The Programme provides interest free loans, of up to £10,000, to businesses either operated by, or related to, housing organisations across Scotland.

It was also announced that a further £10,000 would be added to the programme from Lintel Trust’s own reserves bringing the total programme funds to £48,000.

So far, the Programme has awarded Glasgow Wood Recycling £6,000 with a further award of £6,000 to follow.

Lintel now calls on like-minded organisations to provide match funding to the Programme. 

More funding needed to develop the programme

Robert McDowall, Convener, said: “Lintel Trust believes the Social Enterprise Programme can offer real opportunities to new and developing businesses across Scotland. 

We have put our own money where our mouth is adding further value to the Programme.  We know that more funding is needed to develop the Programme further and to allow us to support more businesses.  Could you help us grow our Programme for Scotland?”

Find out more about the programme

If you are interested in finding out more and helping Lintel Trust grow the Programme, please contact Pauline Barbour on 0141 567 6235 or email