Rent consultation 2017

In January each year the Link group Board meets to discuss and agree the rent increase for the following financial year. 

Based on the information we have at present, we propose to increase rents by around 2.6% in 2018/19.

You will find information on the proposed rent increase and details of how we use tenants’ rents in the Winter edition of Housing News

We would like to know what you think about the proposed increase.  We have employed a company called Research Resource to help us with the consultation.  Over the next few weeks they will be carrying out telephone surveys with a random selection of tenants.

If you are a tenant and want to participate in the survey you can also:

If you have applied or are thinking about applying for a social rented house with us we would also like to hear from you.  You can complete a survey at

More information

If you wish further detail or have any questions regarding your rent, please contact the Customer Service Centre on 03451 400 100.