Right to Buy ending in Scotland 1 August 2016

'Right to Buy' (RTB) will end for all council and housing association tenants in Scotland on 1 August 2016. Tenants with a right to buy that they are allowed to use will have until 31 July 2016 to do so.

If you are looking to purchase your home through Right to Buy, you will have to submit a valid application form before 1 August 2016.

A valid application must include:
a) Notice of intention to buy, periods of occupation, names of any joint purchasers and
b) A Council certificate stating the applicant(s) has paid Council tax and water charges.

The Council has 21 days to provide the certificate so applicants should apply for this certificate as soon as possible. Therefore any RTB applications received without this certificate will be invalid and cannot proceed. Also any incomplete RTB application forms received before 1 August 2016 will also be invalid unless fully completed and returned to Link before 1 August 2016.

The Scottish Government has provided a guidance for those wishing to purchase their home before Right to Buy ends. You can find this guide here

Wondering if you are eligible for Right to Buy? Click here.

If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0330 303 0125.