Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100
Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100

Alterations and adaptions

We are committed to helping you stay in your own home for as long as possible.

We do this by allowing you to make certain alterations, and by carrying out adaptations where these are recommended to enable you to live more independently.

Making improvements to your home

You can make alterations and improvements to your home but you must write to us advance to ask permission. We won’t give permission if the alteration could make your home unsafe to live in.

You cannot undertake any alterations which affect the internal layout or structure of your home without specific permission and necessary local authority Building Control consents .

You need to ask permission if you want to:

  • install a shower
  • install laminate flooring
  • replace or move fixtures such as lights, kitchen units, doors, taps or electric sockets
  • erect garden sheds, fences, satellite dishes or other external structures.
  • undertake any internal or external alteration

If you decide to move out of your property you must return it to its original condition unless otherwise told. If you don't, you will be liable for the cost of returning the property to its original condition.

You may have the right to a compensatory payment for any alternations or improvements you have done to your property. Please contact us to find out if the work you have done is a “qualifying improvement”.

Adapting homes for older and disabled people

We want you to live as independently and safely in your home as possible and we can help provide adaptations if you are having difficulty in managing personal or domestic tasks.

If you need a small adjustment to your home, such as a handrail at your front door, please contact us. We will arrange for the adaptation to be carried out as soon as possible or will ask you to contact your local council's Occupational Therapy team.

If you need a bigger adaptation, such as a walk-in shower instead of a bath, we advise you to contact your local council’s Occupational Therapy department to request an assessment of your needs. They will assess your needs and if they recommend an adaptation, we will make sure you get it.

For more information

For more information consult your Tenant Handbook or call the Customer Service Centre on 03451 400 100