Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100
Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100

Response times

We split repairs into three categories - emergency, urgent and routine - to help prioritise the repairs we carry out. 

The type of repair will determine how long we will take to respond and complete the repair (where possible).

Type of repair

Response time

Emergency Repairs

Repairs that require immediate attention to ensure the safety of tenants and the security of the property. This includes total loss of water or electricity, total loss of heating (in cold weather), serious roof leaks, breaches of security to outside doors and windows

within four hours


Repairs that require attention to prevent further deterioration to the property or undue risk or inconvenience to the tenant including plumbing leaks, central heating faults, blocked drains, minor electrical faults

within three working days


Any other day-to-day repairs such as minor joinery or plumbing repairs

within 10 working days


Right to repair

Some repairs are covered by the Right to Repair regulations. This means if a qualifying repair is not attended to within the agreed timescale, you have the right to appoint another contractor. You are also eligible for compensation for the inconvenience if the repair is not carried out. 

When you report a repair, we will let you know if it falls into this scheme. Alternatively, you can find out more information on Right to Repair on the Scottish Government website

If our repairs service doesn’t meet your expectations

If you are not happy with our repairs service please let us know by calling 03451 400 100, or by completing our online complaints form.