Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100
Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100

Digital advice

We are committed to making sure you have access to computers and the internet, as well as making sure you have the skills to use them.

The changes caused by the Welfare Reform means that in the future you may have to make benefit claims online.

Making getting online easier

We have a number of affordable ways to help you access the equipment you need to access the internet.

Training courses

We organise a number of training courses throughout the year which can help you learn how to use computers, access the internet, set up an email address and stay safe - as well as much, much more! 

We advertise forthcoming training courses on our website and Facebook pages.

Need help and advice getting online?

Our Digital Inclusion Officers are here to help you access the internet and show you how to use a computer, laptop or tablet device

They can also show you how to do the following online:

  • complete benefit claim forms
  • set up digital banking 
  • stay in touch with family and friends using social media or Skype
  • pay your rent or bills
  • shop and save money
  • look for and apply for jobs 

For any help and advice, please call 0330 303 0106 or complete the online referral form.