Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100
Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100

Fire Safety

We will work with you and provide advice on how you can help make your home and common areas safe from fires. 

People living in shared or rented accommodation are seven times more likely to have a fire. So it's in everyone's best interests that your home is made safe.

Our responsibilities

As your landlord, we have to meet certain safety obligations including:

  • carrying out annual gas inspections 
  • providing fire detection equipment for your home
  • a general duty to keep homes fit to live in 

Your responsibilities

It is vitally important that you keep communal areas tidy, not just for you but your neighbours too.

Fires within common areas are a regular occurrence and can happen at anytime. To prevent this, we ask you to dispose of any unwanted items in the appropriate manner.

If you have any bulky or large items please contact your local council who will be able to pick these up for you, usually at no cost to you. These should be taken outside your flat or house on the day of collection and not before. It is also important not to block passageways, stairs and close doors with bicycles, prams and other bulky items.  

Free Fire Safety Visits

As part of its commitment to "building a safer Scotland", the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service offers everyone a free home fire safety visit.

To arrange this, call 0800 0731 999 or text "FIRE" to 80800.