Report a repair

You can report a repair in a number of ways. Remember, the more information you can give us about the repair the better.

During office hours

If the repair is an emergency and there is a risk to your safety or serious damage to the property, it is important you call us straightaway on 03451 400 100.

If you are a Link Housing tenant and your repair is routine you can:

Private Sector Leasing tenants should refer to Repairs in your PSL property.

Out-of-hours emergencies

If you have an emergency repair and need to report it when the office is closed please call:

  • 03451 400 100 for gas boiler and heating repairs
  • 0800 783 7937 for all other emergency repairs

Please note if you call out an emergency contractor for a routine repair you may be charged for the cost of the call-out.

If our repairs service doesn’t meet your expectations

If you are not happy with our repairs service please let us know by calling 03451 400 100, or by completing our online feedback form.