Service standards

We want to provide customer service that exceeds your expectations.

We are committed to making sure our services meet the standards and outcomes detailed in the Scottish Social Housing Charter (SSHC).

The SSHC sets the outcomes which we are measured against by the Scottish Housing Regulator. Outcomes are the results we should achieve for tenants and other customers.

We submit our performance in the Annual Report on the Charter (the ARC) to the Scottish Housing Regulator and produce a report for tenants every year.

Our service standards

We developed our customer service standards in partnership with the Tenant Scrutiny Panel as part of our commitment to put you first and deliver services that are accessible to everyone. These are the standards of service you should expect when you deal with Link staff and anyone working on our behalf.

We also have Neighbourhood Standards which outline the commitments Link and you, as a tenant, have to ensure our properties and any surrounding areas are looked after to the highest standard.

What if we don’t meet your expectations?

If we don’t meet your service expectations, please let us know what we could do better by calling 03451 400 100, or by completing our online feedback form.