Be a good neighbour

How you get on with your neighbours can influence how happy you will be in your home.

We know anti-social behaviour (ASB) can sometimes make life difficult for you and your neighbours. We want to help stop it whenever we can. We take ASB seriously and will take the necessary steps to protect you.

What is ASB?

Anti-social behaviour can mean many things. It could be noisy neighbours, drug dealing, or people drinking on the street. It can also mean you are being harassed or discriminated against.

How we deal with ASB

We have an anti-social behaviour policy which sets out how we can help you deal with it. We work with agencies such as the police to investigate any incidents to make sure appropriate action is taken.

You can read about how we deal with anti-social behaviour in your tenant handbook

How to report ASB

We need you to report ASB and in turn we will act as quickly as possible to resolve the problem. You will need to keep a note of all incidents of ASB. This will help us if any legal action needs to be taken.

You can report anti-social behaviour by calling 03451 400 100 or completing our online anti-social behaviour form.

Remember, any criminal behaviour or activity must be reported to the police on 101.