Moving in

When you move into your new home your Housing Officer will visit you within six weeks to see how you are getting on and to answer any questions you may have.

When you move in you need to remember to:

  • Make arrangements to pay your rent – this is due on or before the 1st of the month
  • Put your spare set of keys in a safe place
  • Take meter readings and choose and register with a gas and electricity supplier 
  • Contact your local council to register for and pay Council Tax
  • Contact your local council to make a claim for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit (if applicable)
  • Choose and register with a telephone provider
  • Organise Home Contents Insurance

For more information please refer to your tenant handbook

Register or switch energy supplier

We work with Citrus Energy who will help you find the best energy deals and talk you through the process to switch supplier. For more information, call 0800 221 8089 or visit their website.

Insure the contents of your home

We insure all of our properties but this only covers the building, fixtures and fittings, glass in windows and external doors and fixed sanitary ware. It’s your responsibility to organise Home Contents Insurance - this covers furniture, floor coverings, internal decoration and personal belongings.

We can help you obtain home contents insurance easily and at an affordable price.

While many people often hope that nothing will happen to their belongings, sometimes things can go wrong unexpectedly. With a special scheme arranged and administered by Thistle Tenant Risks, you can protect your belongings and gain peace of mind knowing if the unexpected happens you have cover.

For more information call Thistle Tenant Risks on 0345 450 7286 or email them.