Your rent

Your rent is due every month and should be paid in advance on or before the 1st of the month.

In addition, you may also have to pay for extra services such as common ground maintenance and communal stair cleaning or lighting. This will be explained in your tenancy agreement.

We use the money we collect to provide services such as repairs and improvements to your home.

Ways to pay

We offer several ways for you to pay. You can choose the one that suits you best.

Over the telephone
Direct Debit

Help to pay your rent

Paying your rent is not a matter of choice and it’s important you pay on time. If you find yourself falling behind with your rent, it’s important you work with us to deal with the situation.

The earlier you let us know about a problem, the easier it will be for us to help.

If you don’t let us know about missed payments or don’t keep to an arrangement for paying off rent arrears, we may take legal action, which could lead to you losing your home.

If you are in arrears, don't:

  • ignore the problem
  • ignore our letters or telephone calls
  • borrow money from door-to-door or payday lenders


Work with us to deal with the issue, make a repayment arrangement and stick to it. 

Universal Credit

If you are applying for Universal Credit, you should state that your Link2Let tenancy is a private tenancy, not a social tenancy.

Watch the below video for a useful guide on how to apply for Universal Credit.

Help and advice

If you need extra help with money matters, debts (including rent arrears) and benefit claims, our advice team can assist.


Link Housing Association Limited, trading as Link2Let, is a registered company incorporated in Scotland under the Companies Acts (Company Number SC216300) and is a Registered Letting Agent under the Letting Agent Registration (Scotland) Regulations 2016 (Registration Number LARN1907019)