Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100
Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100

Welfare Reform mitigation

Link is committed to mitigating the impacts of Welfare Reform. 

We are doing this to minimise impacts on the business and to ensure Link tenant’s benefit incomes are maximised, debt reduced and tenancies and local communities are sustained.

How we are doing this


  • Welfare Reform Working Group

    Staff representatives from all areas of Link's business meet regularly to plan and carry out welfare mitigation activities.  This includes developing a welfare reform strategy, and developing and reviewing a risk register regularly.  

  • Information

    Regular communication with tenants through newsletter articles, website and social media updates, and targetted letters keep them up to date with the changes and how they will affect them. We also offer a Welfare Reform questionnaire to working age tenants so that appropriate support can be offered as changes are implemented. 

  • Training

    Staff and Boards receive regular training and updates about Welfare Reform from the Advice Services Coordinator.

  • Advice Service

    Link provides a range of welfare benefits, money and debt and digital inclusion services to tenants and sharing owners. 

  • Responding to calls for evidence/ consultations

    Link has responded to a number of calls for evidence and has submitted formal consultation responses from a range of organisations including:

    • Scottish Federation of Housing Associations
    • Chartered Institute of Housing
    • Inside Housing
    • Department for Work and Pensions
    • Scottish Government
  • Benchmarking and analysis

    Reports on welfare reform related measures are run on a regular basis to establish the impact on tenants and Link's business. 

  • Business planning and reviews

    Welfare Reform is included in Link's business planning and policy revoew processes over a number of areas including arrears, voids, transaction costs, and staffing and resources.