Inclusive design

To increase the availability of housing for people with disabilities, we adapt our properties to meet particular needs.

Our Inclusive Design (ID) team supports accessibility and promotes the inclusive design of our homes to meet current and future housing needs.

Building new homes

We continue to increase the supply of new social housing which is accessible to people with disabilities.

Link and Horizon have set a target that, wherever possible, 10% of properties in all new developments should be fully wheelchair accessible or to a space and design standard which ensures it can be fully wheelchair accessible.

Our ID team offers advice regarding the layout and design of our new build properties to ensure they are accessible and adaptable to meet the current and future needs of our tenants.


We have a commitment to adapting homes so a greater number of disabled and older people can remain in their homes or become independent in their community.

ID works with tenants and their Occupational Therapists to identify suitable adaptations. Recommendations are then made to our in-house repairs team, Link Property, to carry out the agreed work.

Planned maintenance

The ID team works with Link Property to identify where standard specifications can be enhanced to be more accessible for tenants.

Housing allocations

We are aware not all of our housing stock is suitable or can be adapted to meet the needs of older people or people with disabilities.

Our Housing Officers work with the ID team to assess properties on an individual basis to identify whether they are accessible, adaptable and suitable for allocation.

Working in partnership

We believe it is important new housing in all tenures is equally available to people with disabilities. We work with partner organisations to explore and develop new approaches to meeting specific needs of disabled people. 

We support the Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living’s development of Home2Fit, Scotland’s accessible housing register.

We work with partners such as Occupational Therapists and the Scottish Governments iHub team to share learning around the need for, and design of, adaptations and accessible housing.