Group board

Link Group Ltd is governed by a voluntary Board of Management which is elected at its annual general meeting each year.

The Board meets on a monthly basis and is responsible for setting Link’s strategic direction. Some of the Board's main functions are:

  • Borrowing and investing funds
  • Approving policies
  • Approving Link's development programme
  • Approving annual business plans, accounts and budgets
  • Considering and approving new initiatives
  • Appointing Board/Committee members 
  • Approving the appointment of the Chief Executive and Directors

Link Group Board of Management

  • Ross Martin, Chair
  • Petra Biberbach, Vice Chair
  • Chris Allan
  • Mandy Catterall
  • Frank Colston
  • Caroline Cuthbertson
  • Arthur Diamond
  • Ian Dickson
  • Caroline Donaldson
  • John Flaherty
  • Dougie Mackie
  • Hazel Sharp Webb
  • Andrew Smith