Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100
Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100

Improving independence

Mr and Mrs Valks were looking forward to the difference their adaptation would make. Now the work is complete - find out how Help to Adapt has helped them access funding and adapt their home to be more accessible for them both.

Mr & Mrs Valks live in a single storey semi detached property and contacted Help to Adapt as Mrs Valks was struggling to access the existing step in shower they had installed in place of the bath.

Choosing when to adapt their home

Mrs Valks had had a number of falls and she and her husband were concerned about the risk of her falling in the bathroom. Mr & Mrs Valks had contacted their Local Authority for help with adapting their home but they did not want to wait for an assessment.  Mr and Mrs Valks were clear the difference the adaptation would make.

Expert advice and assistance

The Help to Adapt Occupational Therapist confirmed Mrs Valks needed a wet floor shower however in order to provide adequate space in the bathroom, the adjacent kitchen had to be altered. This was not something Mr & Mrs Valks had thought of before but this meant that Mrs Valks would be able to access both the bathroom and the kitchen. 

Mrs Valks in bathroom

Mrs Valks with Joanna Morrison, Occupational Therapist, in the new bathroom

Mrs and Mrs Valks kitchen

The brand new kitchen

Safe and independent at home

Mr and Mrs Valks are delighted with the standard of work that has been carried out in their home – Mrs Valks can use the shower safely and more independently and can help out with meal preparation in the kitchen.

Mrs Valks said “I never imagined I could have a kitchen like that – it is like something in a magazine or you’d see in a showroom: I can’t explain how I felt when I saw it: every day I go through to make sure it is mine.”

Mrs Valks described how she feels much safer – it was just too stressful for both of them to use the shower cubicle before; Mr Valks had to help her and they were both worried about her falling. Mrs Valks said “Now there is much more room, there is no step and my mobility is much better so I am less likely to fall.”

Mr Valks added:“People say things can be life changing but this is really life changing.”