Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100
Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100

Housing for disabled people

We work to increase the availability of housing for people with disabilities, by effective allocation of our properties, by adapting properties to meet particular needs and by maximising design for our new homes.

There are shortfalls in homes that are designed or can be adapted for disabled people with different needs. Wheelchair users face particular design and accessibility barriers and as Horizon Housing Association, with support from Link, reported in “Mind the Step: An estimation of the unmet need of wheelchair users in Scotland”, that there are more than 17,000 wheelchair users in Scotland who do not have a home that meets their needs. 

Building new homes

We continue to increase the supply of new social housing which is accessible to people with disabilities.

Link and Horizon have set a target that, wherever possible, 10% of properties in all new developments should be fully wheelchair accessible or to a space and design standard which ensures it can be fully wheelchair accessible.

Working in partnership

We believe it is important that new housing in all tenures is equally available to disabled people. We work with partner organisations to explore and develop new approaches to meeting specific needs of disabled people. 

We support the Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living’s development of Home2Fit, Scotland’s accessible housing register for Scotland.

We work with individuals, their families and partner support providers, such as Thistle Foundation, Capability Scotland, Sense Scotland and Carr Gomm, to provide homes for people with a range of different needs.


We have a commitment to adapting homes so that a greater number of disabled and older people can remain in their homes or become independent in their community.

Horizon currently provides Care and Repair services to support older and disabled homeowners in West Lothian and North Lanarkshire to remain safe and well at home.

Link is the Managing Agent for the Scottish Government’s Help to Adapt pilot initiative which enables homeowners aged 60 or over to adapt their home to meet their needs.

Access ownership

Horizon, Housing Options Scotland and Link developed a shared ownership scheme called Access Ownership to help disabled people own a home which meets their needs.

Horizon and Link have already invested more than £1 million and further resources have been committed to continue the programme in 2015/16. Demand for the programme is growing and Horizon plans to secure additional investment to be able to meet the needs of a greater number of disabled people.