Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100
Customer Enquiries: 03451 400 100

Investing in communities

We have a long history of successfully delivering projects which go beyond simply providing accommodation.

We see ourselves as a “community anchor” as we work within our communities and with partners to deliver a range of projects and initiatives which make a positive difference to people’s lives.

We work with a variety of organisations and partners including tenant and resident organisations, local community groups, the Scottish Government, local authorities, Health Boards and other Third Sector organisations.

Improving access to the internet

We recognise the benefits of helping people engage with services online to increase their ability to access advice, information and support.

We offer a range of training, and access to products, to help our tenants and sharing owners who may not have access to a computer or may not have used one before.

Employability Champion

We also aim to increase the “employability” of our tenants by getting them involved in a range of work-related activities.

Employability encompasses all the things that help people to increase their chances of getting a job, staying in a job and progressing further in work.

Supporting social enterprises

We are committed to expanding the social enterprise sector and we do this by working with and supporting a range of social enterprise partners.

Since Link was formed it has, in effect, always been a social enterprise. We have successfully delivered not only our core activity of providing homes but also supported individuals and regenerated and reinvested in communities.

In 2013, our work to promote Link as a social enterprise was recognised when we were named ‘Scottish Social Enterprise of the Year’ and ‘UK Social Enterprise of the Year’. 

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