Repairs responsibilities

Most repairs are our responsibility, but there are some that are yours as a tenant. 

It is our responsibility to keep the structure and outside of your home in good condition. We will also keep the plumbing and electric and heating systems we provide in good repair. 

You are responsible for:

  • Pest and vermin control (we will repair the building to prevent pest access, if necessary)
  • Damage caused through neglect or misuse of the property by you, your family or visitors
  • Cleaning common areas, like closes and staircases, where we do not provide a cleaning service
  • Changing the smoke alarm battery (we will help if the alarm is inaccessible)
  • Changing light bulbs
  • Replacing lost keys and meeting the cost of re-entry if you are locked out

Please note this is not a full list - if you are not sure about a particular repair, please contact the repairs team on  03451 400 100  during office hours.

Report a repair

Use our online form to report repairs online. 

Tenant responsible repairs

You are expected to pay for repairs in your home caused by damage, misuse or neglect - some examples are listed below.

The costs below came into effect from 1 April 2018 and include VAT.

Tenant Responsible Repairs
Repair Total cost
Lock change due to lost keys £79.96
Blocked toilet £61.50
Blocked sink/shower £61.50
Board up window £61.50
Tripped electrics £61.50
Renew double glazed unit £184.50
Renew glass to single glazed unit £116.86

If you want us to carry out these repairs, we will ask that 25% of the cost of the repair is made over the telephone by credit or debit card. The remainder of the cost can be paid in installments using allpay.

If you report a repair outside office hours there is an  additional £20  added to each cost.

For further information, read our:  Tenant Responsible Responsible Repairs Policy - August 2016.pdf [pdf] 524KB  

If our service doesn't meet your expectations 

If you are not happy with our repairs service please let us know by calling 03451 400 100, or by completing our online feedback form.

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