Become a member

We want to engage with people from the communities we serve, who are interested in helping us to achieve our objectives, to become members.


Why become a member?

Tenant and resident participation encourages people to make a real contribution to the decisions affecting their homes and communities. This gives you the opportunity to participate in the planning of Link’s future.

By becoming a member, you can provide us with the valuable feedback we need to continuously improve our services. That’s why we want the views and input of people who live in our communities… People like you!


Who can become a member?

We seek members from all sectors of the community and applications are welcomed from:

  • tenants;
  • service users and other customers;
  • other residents in areas within which we operate; and
  • people who feel they can make a positive contribution to the decisions that affect their homes and communities.

Membership is also open to representatives from tenant, resident and local groups in the neighbourhoods where we manage properties. Applicants who are Link tenants must be aged 16 or over, and non-Link tenants must be 18 or over.


What do members get?

You will receive the most recent annual report and your £1 Link Share Certificate. You will also receive invitations to membership events and be invited to attend and vote at our Annual General Meeting and, should the case arise, any Special General Meeting. 


How do I become a member?

Please complete become a member form and send it to the address below (or give it to a member of Link staff) along with £1.

The Secretary

Link Group Ltd
New Mart Road
EH14 1RL

Once we have received your application it will go before the Group Board, who will review it and we will write to you shortly afterwards informing you of the outcome. 

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