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What should I quote when making a payment?

When making a payment, you should quote your account number. This can be found at the top right of your most recent invoice.

Why is there a payment missing on my invoice?

In most instances, if a payment is not shown on your invoice, it is because the payment was made after the period covered by the invoice. It will therefore be included on your next invoice.

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If you have made your payment within the period covered by the invoice and it is not shown, please contact our team at  and we will investigate this for you. 


Why have I received a late payment charge?

If customers are not in a payment arrangement, and their invoice balance has not been paid within 21-days of the invoiced date, a payment reminder letter will be issued. This automatically incurs a charge to the customer account.

Spreading your factoring charges at no extra cost removes the worry about paying your invoices on time and the risk of late payment charges if the payment deadline is missed. Find out more about the benefits of paying your factoring charges by Direct Debit, here.

To set up or amend a Direct Debit please request this using our online form or fill out our Direct Debit set up form. This can be sent by email at

What is the purpose of a float payment?

The float amount will either be set by the Deed of Conditions or be determined by C~urb as Factor.

The float payment is required from each homeowner within 14 calendar days of receipt of the New Owner Pack, which details our Written Statement of Services and payment methods when you purchase your factored property. Unless the Deed states otherwise, in the event of a sale of a property, the float will automatically be credited to the homeowner’s final account.

Float payments allow us to complete routine maintenance work prior to receiving customer payments


What does your management fee cover?

The management fee encompasses costs for our service, including but not limited to:

• Committed property manager/owner liaison officer

• Handling enquiries and complaints

• A responsive communal repair reporting service, including a 24-hour emergency service

• Appointing, managing and paying contractors for repairs, landscaping and cyclical maintenance work

• Consulting on work above C~urb’s delegated authority

• Apportionment of charges amongst owners and provision of payment facilities, including direct debit

• Debt recovery where applicable

• Administering applicable cyclical maintenance funds (also known as Sinking Funds) within an interest-bearing account

• Ensuring compliance with all relevant statutory obligations

• Site inspections

• Preparing programmes of work based on site inspections and arranging any necessary works within our delegated authority

Factoring Agreement

What is a Title Deed or Deed of Conditions?

A Title Deed is a legal document outlining your obligations in terms of the title of your property and your shared responsibility for the common parts. It may explain the common parts and what proportion you must pay for any repairs or maintenance to them.

You should have been given a copy of the Title Deeds or Deed of Conditions when you purchased your property. If you do not have one, you can purchase a copy from the Registers of Scotland. They can be ordered online and will cost a few pounds. Alternatively, your solicitor should have also kept copies.

Can I opt out of the factoring arrangement?

As a lone homeowner you are not able to opt out of the factoring arrangement.

If you want to consider changing your factor, or terminating our services, the process will depend on the basis of our appointment. More information on this is available within our  Written Statement of Services  (section 8). Generally, you will require a majority of homeowners to vote to remove C~urb as property factor and appoint a new property factor.

What is delegated authority?

Delegated authority allows C~urb Factoring to carry out routine repairs without obtaining consent from owners in advance up to the delegated authority limit. More information on this is available within our  Written Statement of Services.

I am selling my property. How do I close my factoring account?

Owners are responsible for advising C~urb of any change in homeownership. We request that owners provide six weeks’ notice in advance of selling their property wherever possible. Your buyer may also request factoring information which may take a period of weeks to provide. Owners are liable for all charges incurred up to their date of sale. We will compile a final account invoice for the charges incurred up to the date of sale. We aim to provide this within 3-months of the confirmed date of sale, where possible.

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