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C~urb Factoring is part of the Link Group of companies and operates a mixed tenure and commercial factoring service throughout central Scotland. By administrating repair, maintenance, and insurance services, we aim to help homeowners maintain the condition of their common property.

Information logo Weslo Housing Management transferred to Link on 1 June 2021. We welcome Weslo’s customers to Link. Separate contact arrangements are being used whilst we integrate our systems. Former Weslo factored owners should use the contact details for the Bathgate office.

Our Services

Our factoring services to owners whose properties share common parts include:

      • Grounds maintenance
      • Cleaning communal closes and windows
      • Repairs including out with hours emergency service
      • Common insurance policies
      • Lift maintenance contract management
      • Property inspections and owner liaison, as detailed in your Written Statement of Services. 

C~urb Factoring are members of the Property Managers Association Scotland which promotes high standards of services and property management.

PMAS logo

C~urb Factoring provide a professional factoring service to over 7,000 owners across 12 Local Authority areas.

As part of a social enterprise, any surplus from commercial activities is reinvested into affordable housing and related services. We welcome enquiries from homeowners and developers interested in our factoring services.

Your Written Statement of Services

Your Written Statement of Services for Factored Owners provides full details of our service and is accompanied by a Property Specific Schedule issued to individual owners.

Repairs and maintenance

C~urb factored owners  should report repairs as follows:

      • Call 03451 400 100 option 1 for reactive and emergency repairs.
      • Complete our online form .

To prioritise all the repairs we have to carry out, response times are split into three categories - emergency, urgent and routine repairs.

The type of repair will determine how long we will take to respond and complete the repair (where possible).

Communal repairs requiring investigation, scaffolding, specialist quotes and/or consultation will not be completed within the listed timescales. Please let us know when reporting a communal repair of any emergency or urgent circumstances, as otherwise it can take several weeks to obtain quotes and/or consult on communal repairs.

Repair response times

Our repair response times are as follows, however some repairs may take longer, such as non-routine works and those requiring external contractor quotes:

Response Times



Response time - Link factored owners

Emergency repairs

Repairs that require immediate attention to ensure the safety of tenants and the security of the property. This includes total loss of water or electricity, total loss of heating (in cold weather), serious roof leaks, breaches of security to outside doors and windows

Within four hours


Repairs that require attention to prevent further deterioration to the property or undue risk or inconvenience to the resident, including plumbing leaks, central heating faults, blocked drains, minor electrical faults

Within three working days


Any other day-to-day repairs such as minor joinery or plumbing repairs

Within 10 working days




Please note: non-emergency communal repairs timescales will vary from those listed on our website, as they may involve either scaffolding, specialist contractor quotes and/or consultation with owners if it is above our delegated authority value.

Depending on the work and whether specialist equipment, quotes and consultations are required, work may not be able to start for around six weeks. If consultation is required and a majority vote is not secured, then it may not go ahead.

Owners will be updated if work is consulted on which does not go ahead. Please notify us of any emergency communal repairs by telephone at any time.

Report a fault with our stair cleaning service at your development. 

Report a fault with our landscaping service at your development. 

Independent advice about factoring issues and communal repairs is available from:


Paying for factoring services

We issue invoices for management fees and services as detailed in your Written Statement of Services. 

Information about Floats and Sinking Funds (where applicable) is included in your Written Statement of Services.

Ways to pay

To talk about your account or payment arrangement, or to make a payment, please contact us Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm, by:

  • Calling the Falkirk area office on  01324 417 141 or 03451 400 100 (select option 2)
  • Calling the Bathgate area office on  01506 639 158  or  01506 634 060  (select option 2)
  • Emailing  factoring@curb.scot


Direct Debit

Spreading your factoring charges at no extra cost removes the worry about paying your invoices on time and the risk of late payment charges if the payment deadline is missed.

Call us on the above numbers to discuss, set up or amend a Direct Debit.

It takes 21 days to set up a Direct Debit so you may need to make your first payment by another method. 

By phone

Call us on the above numbers to make a payment or discuss a payment arrangement.

Bank, internet or telephone banking

Pay us direct quoting your account number found at the top of all correspondence using:

CURB-6 Factoring, Bank of Scotland, Account number: 00384537, Sort code: 80-41-21

C~urb 6 Ltd (formerly Link Property) is part of the Link Group of Companies. 

Allpay card

To make a payment with your allpay card, call  0870 243 6040 or visit  www.allpay.net.

You can also download the allpay app, which is available to download on the  Apple App Store  and  Google Play.

If you need an allpay card, please contact us on the numbers above.

In person

At a PayPoint:  You can use your allpay card to pay at any shop or outlet where you see the PayPoint logo.

At the Post Office:  You can use your allpay card to pay at any Post Office.

Pay by cheque or postal order

Write your name, address and account number on the reverse and send it to; Link Housing Association Ltd, Watling House, Callendar Business Park, Falkirk, FK1 1XR

Difficulty paying

Please inform us immediately if you have any difficulty paying your invoice. We will provide clear information about the implications and signpost you to independent advice and financial support to help you find a way to pay.

Ultimately, we can only deliver services if we receive the income to cover the costs.

Independent advice is available from: 

Our debt recovery procedure details how we will manage arrears.

Factoring documents

To view our estate, ground maintenance and title plans, click here.

Have your say

We value your feedback on our factoring services to help us improve your common property and our services.

To complete our customer satisfaction survey, click here.

Current Consultations

The consultation on our Written Statement of Services to comply with the Revised Code of Conduct for Property Factors from 16 August 2021 has concluded. 

We published a Consultative Draft Written Statement of services and gathered feedback from factored owners. . Link’s Factoring Written Statement Consultation Response September 2021 details how we used customer feedback to improve. 

written-statement-of-service-curb-v6.pdf [pdf] 274KB

The final revised  Written Statement of Services V5   reflects the consultation feedback.

Updated communications 

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46 Caledonia Street - Roof Repairs

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21 Blythswood Drive - Roof Repairs

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192 Paisley Road - Roof, Soffit and Facia Repair

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190 Paisley Road - Soffit and Facia Repair

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27 Blythswood Drive - Door Entry Upgrade

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39-41 St Bernards Crescent - Roof and Gutter Repairs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does your management fee cover?

The management fee encompasses costs for our service, including but not limited to:

• Committed property manager/owner liaison officer

• Handling enquiries and complaints

• A responsive communal repair reporting service, including a 24-hour emergency service

• Appointing, managing and paying contractors for repairs, landscaping and cyclical maintenance work

• Consulting on work above C~urb’s delegated authority

• Apportionment of charges amongst owners and provision of payment facilities, including direct debit

• Debt recovery where applicable

• Administering applicable cyclical maintenance funds (also known as Sinking Funds) within an interest-bearing account

• Ensuring compliance with all relevant statutory obligations

• Site inspections

• Preparing programmes of work based on site inspections and arranging any necessary works within our delegated authority

What is a Title Deed or Deed of Conditions?

A Title Deed is a legal document outlining your obligations in terms of the title of your property and your shared responsibility for the common parts. It may explain the common parts and what proportion you must pay for any repairs or maintenance to them.

You should have been given a copy of the Title Deeds or Deed of Conditions when you purchased your property. If you do not have one, you can purchase a copy from the Registers of Scotland. They can be ordered online and will cost a few pounds. Alternatively, your solicitor should have also kept copies.

Can I opt out of the factoring arrangement?

As a lone homeowner you are not able to opt out of the factoring arrangement.

If you want to consider changing your factor, or terminating our services, the process will depend on the basis of our appointment. More information on this is available within our Written Statement of Services (section 8). Generally, you will require a majority of homeowners to vote to remove C~urb as property factor and appoint a new property factor.

What is delegated authority?

Delegated authority allows C~urb Factoring to carry out routine repairs without obtaining consent from owners in advance up to the delegated authority limit. More information on this is available within our Written Statement of Services.

What should I quote when making a payment?

When making a payment, you should quote your account number. This can be found at the top right of your most recent invoice.

Why is there a payment missing on my invoice?

In most instances, if a payment is not shown on your invoice, it is because the payment was made after the period covered by the invoice. It will therefore be included on your next invoice.

If you have made your payment within the period covered by the invoice and it is not shown, please contact our team at factoring@curb.scot and we will investigate this for you. 

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