C~urb Lettings MMR

Our Mid Market Rent (MMR) and market rent properties are managed by  C~urb Lettings.

Mid Market Rent is  suitable for people on low to moderate incomes. The rents are lower than private market rent but higher than social rent.  

C~urb  is a new commercial subsidiary of Link group with a focus on sustainability. C~urb Lettings incorporates Link2Let and Weslo Property Management into one brand. 

We are an accredited member of Landlord Accreditation Scotland, which promotes high standards across the housing industry.

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Do I qualify for Mid Market Rent?

Your annual income (before tax) should not be more than £47,143.20 per household.  For properties in Edinburgh, this amount is £45,443.

All adults who will be living in the property must provide proof of their income, whether or not they will be named on the tenancy agreement. Applicants with family members living in the property, who are not their spouse (for example a child of working age or elderly relative), are only required to provide proof of their income if they are going to be named on the tenancy as a joint tenant.

You will need to provide your most recent three months’ bank statements and payslips. These will be used to carry out an affordability assessment, comparing the monthly rent for the property to your monthly income. The monthly rent must not be more than 40% of your (net) monthly household income. 

A credit check is carried out once your application has been approved. 

How do I apply for a C~urb Lettings property?

If you would like to be considered for  C~urb  Lettings Mid Market  or market rent property, follow the steps below:    

1. Complete the online application form and send supporting documents 

The first step is to complete the online application form, which can be found by clicking ‘Apply for a  C~urb  Lettings  property’ in the blue box at the top right-hand side of the property advert. See here for our list of available properties.    

To support your application, you are required to provide:   

  • A copy of your photographic ID (passport or driving licence)   
  • Your most recent 3 months’ bank statements   
  • Your most recent 3 months (or 12 weeks) payslips for each applicant (or contract of employment if employed less than 3 months) OR proof of pension payments OR the latest SA302 tax form or approved accounts if self employed.
  • Your most recent award notice for any benefit payments including Universal Credit, Working Tax Credit and Personal Independence Payment  

Your supporting documents can be uploaded with the application form or emailed to  lettings@curb.scot .

We must receive a completed application form and all supporting documents before we can assess your application and invite you to view the property. A delay in receiving your supporting documents may result in your application not being assessed.  

2. Book a viewing  

When your application form and supporting documents have been assessed, our team will be in touch to invite you to view the property.   

Application assessments can take up to 15 working days.  

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