Rights and responsibilities

We want you to enjoy living in your home but you have responsibilities as part of your tenancy agreement.

Your tenancy agreement, usually called a Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement, is a legal contract between you and Link.

It outlines the rights and responsibilities you have as a tenant and we have as your landlord. If you have a joint tenancy, both tenants have equal rights and responsibilities.


Your rights and responsibilities


  • have the right to occupy your home as long as you (and anyone living with or visiting you) follow the terms of your tenancy agreement
  • must occupy your property as your only, or principal, home
  • must pay your rent on time – it is due on or before the 1st  of every month
  • must treat staff and neighbours with respect and not act in an anti-social or threatening way
  • must keep your property and common areas in good order and report repairs at once
  • have the right to be involved in Link’s decision-making processes
  • must allow access to your property for any repairs, checks or planned maintenance work
  • must request permission for any alterations you want to make to the property. This includes the installation of image capturing devices (CCTV)  


Our key responsibilities

We will:

  • maintain our properties to a high standard, making sure they are warm, secure and comfortable
  • let you know about any changes to the services you receive
  • monitor and report our performance against the outcomes in the Scottish Social Housing Charter.

You will find all of the rights and responsibilities in your tenancy agreement and your Link Tenant Handbook.

Advice on your tenancy agreement

If you have any questions, please contact call the Customer Service Centre on 03451 400 100. Or, you can complete the online enquiry form


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