End your tenancy

If you are moving and need to end your tenancy, you must let us know. 

To end your tenancy, you need to give 28 days' notice in writing. We cannot accept a termination notice by telephone. 


What you need to do

You can give notice in one of these ways:

  • Fill out our end of tenancy form. We will then send you a termination form for you to complete and return in a freepost envelope. We need a signature for your notice to be valid
  • Send us a letter telling us you want to end your tenancy. Please include your name, the address of your Link property and the address of the property you are moving into. You must sign the letter along with the joint tenant if there is one
  • Download and use the  Termination of Tenancy Form  and return by Freepost. If you have a joint tenancy, both people living in the property must sign this form


What happens next?

Once you have given your notice, a member of staff will call to confirm your tenancy end date and property details. They will also make an appointment to visit you in your current home. This is known as a pre-termination visit. We will also write to you to confirm these details.

At your pre-termination visit, we will check your property. We will let you know if you need to carry out any repairs or redecoration before you move. For more information about the standards we expect your property to meet when you move, please refer to our  Expected standard of your property document.


Notification of end of tenancy

Please use the form below to let us know of your intention to end your tenancy. Your notice period of 28 days will begin straight away, once we have received a signed termination form.

It is important you fill in all sections to allow us to take care of your termination quickly.

End your tenancy

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