Your neighbourhood

We aim to keep the common areas in your development safe, clean and tidy.


Estate management

Estate management is a vital part of our housing management and maintenance service.

Our estate management policy makes sure communal areas in your development are maintained to a high standard.

We regularly inspect common areas with tenants who live in the development.

In doing this, we:

  • Identify and report communal repairs to gardens and common areas
  • Maintain landscaped areas to a high standard
  • Identify areas, which would benefit from improved landscaping and source funding to carry out the improvements
  • Ensure play areas, common paths, fencing and railings are free of any safety hazards
  • Identify and remove graffiti
  • Ensure closes and backcourts are cleaned and maintained to an acceptable standard
  • Identify those who breach tenancy conditions and may cause deterioration of the estate


Landscape maintenance

As part of our landscape maintenance contract, we look after a number of our developments' garden areas.  Your tenancy agreement will tell you  if we provide this service for you.

We use various contractors to carry out this work:

  • East and central Scotland - Idverde Ltd
  • Lanarkshire and Glasgow – Inex
  • Port Glasgow and Larkfield – Inex

They carry out visits each year to deliver work, including:

  • Litter collection (26 visits a year)
  • Mowing common ground (16 visits a year)
  • Shrub bed maintenance (six visits a year)
  • Pruning shrubs - summer (six visits a year)
  • Pruning shrubs - winter (one visit a year)
  • Weed control (one visit a year)
  • Mowing rough grass (six visits a year - specific areas only)
  • Tree maintenance / removal (as needed)


More information 

If you would like more information, please call the Customer Service Centre on 03451 400 100. Or, you can  complete our online enquiry form.

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