Change of circumstances

It’s important you let us know if someone moves out of your property, you want someone to move in or you want to end or transfer your tenancy.

We will let you know what you need to do if there are any changes. Generally, you will need to write to us to ask permission to make changes to your tenancy. 


Joint tenancy

If you have a sole tenancy and want someone to move in, you can switch to a joint tenancy. This gives you, and the person living with you, equal rights and responsibility for the property.

If you want to apply for a joint tenancy please contact us on  or  03451 400 100.


Relationship breakdown

If your relationship breaks down and you can no longer live together (and you are joint tenants), you will have to decide who will stay in the property. If one person is the sole tenant they have the right to stay in the property.

If you are married your spouse may have rights in law if you are not a joint tenant. Your housing officer will be able to give some advice. You can find comprehensive information and advice about your rights on the  Shelter Scotland website.


Transferring the tenancy to another person

A tenancy can be transferred to another person by assignation or succession.

  • Assignation is when you transfer a tenancy to another member of your household.
  • Succession is when a tenancy is inherited when a tenant dies.

The rules about this are set out in your tenancy agreement and by law. You cannot apply to assign a tenancy, and a person cannot succeed to the tenancy unless you have told us, in writing, that they are living with you and they have lived with you for more than a year.

If you want to apply to assign your tenancy to someone else please  contact our customer service centre on  or  03451 400 100 .


Ending your tenancy

If you want to end your tenancy you must let us know and give us a least 28 days' notice.  You can do this in writing or with the form on the 'End your tenancy' page.

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